Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Days on the Field

 October 24, 2013
Boston did soccer again and had a fun time.  Its so fun to watch him play and really get into it!  He is the smallest on his team but he is pretty fast.  He is always making us laugh. 

Laney likes the soccer games too!

Delaney is starting to try and grab for things, its mostly just moving her arms all over and hitting her toys but its fun to watch!

Cute little bugs!

 October 18, 2013
So I decided to do a little photo shoot with Boston and Laney, It was a lot of fun and a lot of work! I laid my white comforter on the ground and then started taking pictures!  I hope these two stay close as they get older. 

After taking pictures we needed to go outside and run around at the park. 
Laney sleeping while Boston and I had fun!

Little Baby Parts

 October 17, 2013
Laney is getting bigger by the day and so I took pictures of her little belly and ears and her cute little self!

Little Bit of this and that

 October 16, 2013
Getting ready for church and I had to take a picture of Laney in her cute dress. 
Look at how tiny her little hand is!

It was time for Laney's bath and so I tried to wake her up to but she just stayed asleep while I gave her the bath.  She stayed all curled up!

I love to take pictures of Delaney in her car seat because she looks so small in it, and cute!

Laney with her older brothers, they love her so much!
Will went to a GI conference in San Diego and while he was there he played a round of golf at Torrey Pines.  Lucky Guy!


Warm Fall

 October 12, 2013
Its still crazy for it to be warm and us wearing shorts in October.  We decided to get pumpkins for the kids so we went to the store to get them.  I just had to take this picture of Laney, cause she is so cute!
Boston looking cute by the pumpkins 

This is how Delaney spends her nights all wrapped up!

Me and Addy and Carter
There is so many to choose from!!

Sunday Living

 October 6, 2013
It was Conference weekend and we put the tent up in our living room for the kids to play in and listen to conference.  It was great to hear the wonderful talks. 
When I get done feeding Laney she is pretty out of it and so when I sit her up to burp her she usually looks like the first picture I posted on here.  Its so cute! When I wrap her up in her blanket she likes to kick out her legs and she has such skinny legs. 

This is Carter and his boat for the Rain Gutter Regatta for scouts.  He was pretty proud of his!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

What a Day

 October 1, 2013
Today was a scary day!  Laney came down with a little cold and was just not feeling good.  I had called Will and said that she might need to be seen by her doctor.  So Will tried calling him and let him know what was going on.  Right after I got off the phone with Will, Laney threw up all over me and her and was having a hard time breathing.  So I grabbed her nose sucker and tried sucking out what was in her nose and mouth.  It still was not helping and I could tell she wasn't breathing so I grabbed my phone and called 911.  I would turn her over and upside down and hit her back.  It would help a little and then she would close her eyes and not breath and her whole body was limp.  The women stayed very calm with me and kept reassuring me that the ambulance was on its way, I was hysterical.  When I heard the ambulance pull up I ran Laney outside and handed her over to the worker.  Right then Addy and Carter came running down the road and saw me crying and Laney in the ambulance, Boston also woke up from his name and came down stairs.  As I ran to go see Laney in the ambulance I turned around and asked the kids to say a prayer for Delaney.  The said that they already did!  My kids are amazing!  When I got in the ambulance Laney was laying on the bed with the air mask on her and whimpering.  They said that she was doing good but they wanted to take her in and get her checked out, so I ran in to get her car seat.  I guess the driver misunderstood and took off without me.  So I ran up to the fire truck that had also come and asked where did they go.  They felt bad and didn't want me to drive cause I was still crying so they said they would take me up.  One of our neighbors said they would take Addy, Carter and Boston and that helped me so much. At that time I tried to call Will and tell him what was going on, he could barely understand me.  He did hear that Laney was going up to the hospital so he met the ambulance up there to be with Laney. 
While the fire truck drove me up to see Laney I was thinking this was the longest ride ever.  When we finally got up there, Will was holding Laney and they had already put in an IV.  Laney was very tired looking and didn't really move.  They said she was doing good but they wanted to keep her overnight to keep an eye on her.  They said with her issues throwing up and then getting a cold and her being so young she just couldn't get all of that stuff up and out of her lungs. 
So since I was still nursing Laney I stayed up there with her.  Will went home and found that our neighbors had taken our kids back to our house and given them a bath and got them ready for bed.  They are so amazing, I couldn't have asked for better neighbors.  I could not really sleep because I was worried she would stop breathing.  In the early morning the nurse came in and put oxygen on her because she kept dropping below what they wanted her to be at.  She didn't like that at all.  Will's coworkers took his shift the next day, when Will came up in the morning he stayed with Laney so I could go home and take a shower since I smelled up throw up. 
When I got back we stayed there until the afternoon and since she was doing better they let her go home.
I was so thankful for all the prayers that were given on behalf of Laney, I know that prayers work and that Heavenly Father answered my prayers.  I am so thankful that she is with our family!  She is such a sweet baby!

 Me before and after a shower!